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The L’inara MethodTM

of european face and body treatments

Welcome to
L’inara Skin Care Studios
of Beverly Hills

We invite you to experience the luxury of The L’inara Method – fashioned with the old-world wisdom of our highly acclaimed, specialized hand-work and with the modernization of state-of-the-art devices and top-of-the-line products.

Our private, non-invasive treatments
are thoughtfully designed to lift, contour, sculpt, invigorate and rejuvenate the skin.

They are performed through the
artistry of trained professionals in an
aromatic atmosphere of tranquility and elegance.

with exclusive
for face and body.

“In good hands,
the right combination of
a face and body treatment
can be an invigorating duet…

…but in the right hands,
that same treatment is anywhere
from a romantic waltz to an
exotic dance of syncopated fingers.”

founder and lead facialist

inara lopetaite

“Like a Magician – the magic is in the hand-work.”

Inara founded her studios as a vehicle to present her skin care philosophy and put her best foot (hand) forward. She developed her stylized, hand-work techniques and the application of her craft to create The L’inara Method of European Face and Body Treatments and is fast becoming one of Hollywood’s most talented Facialists, known for her almost machine-like hands.

“Healthy skin is a lifetime commitment. After all, it’s the only skin we have… for a lifetime. But skin care treatments are generally not a quick fix. They take effort. Just as exercise doesn’t result in a sculpted body overnight, neither does healthy vibrant skin. But overnight is a good place to begin. And if we invest in our skin’s future, it will pay us back with the youthfulness we deserve.”               — Inara Lopetaite

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