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hand work

natural contouring

This distinctive, totally dry, rejuvenating, anti-aging technique for the face, neck, and décolleté uses rapid, specialized movements that stimulate blood flow, oxygenation, and face muscle memory to awaken, enliven and reshape the face’s more youthful contours.

sculpting lift

This invigorating anti-aging process lifts and sculpts the face, neck, and décolleté beginning with aromatherapy and incorporating oils and vitamins with syncopated moves that revitalize facial reformation and reduce fluid build-up.

de-wrinkling *

De-Wrinkling is an intensive, anti-aging, dry hand-work method for the face, neck, and décolleté to repair the skin and diminish fine lines and deep furrows as the skin’s natural elasticity and fullness is regained. Like a stretch for the body, the connective tissue is stretched to encourage regeneration.  As the skin is virtually molded and smoothed out, plumped, and restored, wrinkles are erased.


The extremely unique movements of Buccal/Intraoral hand-work, for the face, are simultaneously performed from inside and outside the mouth through specialized stretching and kneading. They mimic the basic function of the facial muscles to help lift the cheeks and mouth (with fuller lips) and redefine the jawline. Sculpting and lifting techniques return the facial muscles to their normal firmness and functionality, increasing blood circulation, and revitalizing muscle tone and elasticity.

lymphatic touch

The purposeful moves of this lymphatic drainage hand-work, target lymph nodes in the face and neck to reduce fluid build-up and remove toxins. It soothes both the mind and body and is the perfect addition to every Face Treatment, for a profoundly relaxed, “Ah-h-h.”

*included in select Face Treatments only

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