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The various Body Treatments of The L’inara Method are offered as Hand-Work only, Hand-Work with dynamic, cutting-edge technology and Detox.

Our luxurious, customizable Body Treatments* have been intentionally created to relieve muscular tension, open energetic pathways, awaken the senses and increase lymphatic flow, from body contouring to cellulite reduction and slimming to detoxifying scrubs

​NOTE: A credit card is required to hold and confirm all appointments. No Shows (or Cancellations not requested by 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment time) are subject to a 100% charge of the booked treatment.

*all treatment times are approximate; we recommend combining a Face Treatment with a Body Treatment for a complete, four-handed, energizing experience.

– hand work only –

the body essential

(90 min. – $370)

The Body Essential can be tailored to each client’s specific needs as our experienced Body Therapists perform body treatment artistry — borrowed from international cultures — and deliver an informed mix of full-body hand-work.


A Body Therapist will consult with each client to determine which movements are right for their body and skin and most appropriate to release physical and emotional tensions. This lavish experience allows your body and spirit to relax, leaving your whole being feeling rejuvenated and full of life.

– hand-work (with devices) –

the lymphatic essential

(90 min. – $430)

Our most popular body treatment, The Lymphatic Essential uses slimming techniques that combine specialized, invigorating hand-work with devices to target body areas specifically for lymphatic drainage, and additionally to contour, sculpt and detox.


The sculpting benefit of Negative Pressure Vacuum Therapy is utilized over the whole body, improving lymphatic circulation (a client favorite). The skin-tightening properties of Radio Frequency are applied and concentrated on the stomach to sculpt and tone. And cupping is offered to enhance detox and further stimulate lymphatic flow. The Lymphatic Essential is as effective as it is energizing, which means it’s a rigorous, thorough and enjoyable experience.

the lymphatic ultimate

(120 min. – $500)

The Lymphatic Ultimate adds a finishing touch to The Lymphatic Essential with the choice offered of either Microcurrent Wraps or the Compression Therapy of The Ballancer Pro.


Along with all of the devices and specialized, invigorating hand-work, of The Lymphatic Essential*, this treatment is enhanced with one of the following Extras:

1) Microcurrent Wraps – flexible, locally-applied wraps function much like a body workout, as they administer concentrated waves of microcurrent to the skin and underlying tissue around the midriff, buttocks, thighs and upper arms, to stimulate collagen production and dramatically slim, reshape and contour, encouraging weight loss.


2) Compression Therapy – The Ballancer Pro body-sleeve device massages upwards from the lower extremities to the rib cage, reducing puffiness and swelling, and encouraging fat reduction, lymphatic drainage and the elimination of water weight (results vary).

*the hand-work and application of devices may be altered to accommodate for time depending on Extras choice

– detox –

the body detox

(180 min. – $500)

The Body Detox is the optimum combination of exfoliation techniques, a deep-sweat, slimming session in an Infrared Sauna, exclusive hand-work, and device therapy for an efficient and luxurious head-to-toe detox.


Choose one of the following methods for a full-body exfoliation to energize and polish the skin:

1.) A Silicone Mitten exfoliation, with a KOS Paris Brown Sugar Scrub – this macadamia oil-enriched, sugar scrub removes impurities with the exfoliating effect of the sugar particles, leaving your skin satiny smooth and hydrated throughout the day


2.) A body glove application of Biologique Recherche P50 Corps exfoliating lotion – this world-renowned, exfoliating, peel-like lotion contains natural grains and active toning ingredients to stimulate, rebalance and purify the skin.

    The thorough exfoliation is followed with a body wrap and a deep-sweat, detox session in our Infrared, personal, body-dome sauna that provides further contouring with a strong calorie burn guaranteed. Its weight loss capability is often dramatic.

    After showering, our World-Class, rejuvenating hand-work and devices stimulate the lymphatic system to further increase circulation and help eliminate cellulite and fatty deposits, fighting the signs of aging.

    The final results are increased circulation and regenerated collagen, with a more youthful radiance, and glowing, youthful skin that looks and feels lighter, more relaxed and silky smooth.

    NOTE: see Extras for additional options

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