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a by-appointment-only facility

european-style treatments

Unlike a typical facial, our face treatments are fashioned with old-world wisdom, highlighted by Celebrity Facialist, Inara Lopetaite’s acclaimed hand-work of The L’inara Method.


Our Internationally-inspired body treatments are equally unparalleled. They are performed through the artistry of trained professionals, and when simultaneously combined with a face treatment are beyond words.

All face and body treatments are conducted – or mentored and coordinated – by Inara, with the devotion and ability for which she is known. These private, catered, non-invasive treatments feature well-proven products, top-of-the-line skin care devices and complimentary services – all thoughtfully designed to lift, sculpt, contour, invigorate and rejuvenate the skin.


Our goals are inspired and moved forward by a sincere desire to help our clients look and feel their best with treatments yielding immediate, positive and lasting results.


We are dedicated to what we do and providing the best service possible for our clients. That’s our sole purpose; what we love doing.

luxury experience

Our studios’ tranquil and aromatic atmosphere of elegance, boasts the openness of high ceilings, exposed beams, glass walls, refined furnishings and lavish enhancements.


Our reception lounge is peacefully inviting. Our Contrast Therapy Room offers the serine ambiance of light therapy and is both calming and exhilerating with a two-person infrared sauna and a cold plunge. And our two, treatment rooms present a relaxing and comfortable setting for the sessions ahead.

private environment

Every effort is made to treat each client as the most important person at our studios. Toward that end, when possible, we strive to follow a preferred “one to two clients at a time” policy.


The respect for personal privacy and total confidentiality is a major factor to us for every client and while our reception lounge is comforting (if waiting is ever necessary) a side entrance to the studios is provided for clients desiring and requesting further anonymity. In the interest of convenience, outside of our regular studio hours, appointments are also available 24/7 (additional fees may apply on a client-by-client basis).

“The right sensations of sight, smell, sound and touch can take us to a different place…

…and then make the place we’re in, just right.”

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