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Our luxurious, customizable Body Treatments* are offered as HAND-WORK ONLY, HAND-WORK (with devices -- of dynamic, cutting-edge technology) and SIGNATURE SCRUBS and DETOX. They have been intentionally created to relieve muscular tension, open energetic pathways and awaken the senses, from body contouring to lymphatic drainage, cellulite reduction, slimming and detoxifying treatments, body wraps and scrubs. 

PLEASE NOTE: A credit card is required to hold all appointments. Cancellations (including Gift Certificates) not requested by 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment time are subject to a 100% charge of the booked treatment.


*all treatment times are approximate; we recommend combining a Body Treatment with a Face Treatment for a complete, four-handed, energizing experience.

The Body Essentil

-- HAND-WORK (with devices) --

The Body Ultimate

(times and prices vary accordingly)

The Body Ultimate combines the lymphatic and contouring hand-work of The Body Essential with devices* to target body areas and issues for the specific results of SKIN TONING,  CONTOURING, LYMPHATIC and SCULPTING, as follows: 

*The Body Ultimate can also be customized by combining hand-work with the Myocontour Belt or Vibration Therapy alone.


with Negative Pressure Vacuum Therapy* (90 min. – $395)

Our most popular body service: this full-body, slimming treatment combines specialized hand-work with the sculpting benefits of Negative Pressure Vacuum Therapy... (more)

Recommended Add-On: Compression Therapy - the fat reduction and lymphatic drainage of the Ballancer Pro

*may be substituted with Photo Pressure (Negative Pressure Vacuum Therapy with integrated LED Light Therapy)

with Radio Frequency (90 min. – $395)

This full-body, skin-tightening treatment combines precise hand-work, with the stimulation of Radio Frequency, to boost collagen production, sculpt and tone... (more)

Recommended Add-On: Compression Therapy - the fat reduction and lymphatic drainage of the Ballancer Pro

with Microcurrent (90 min. – $395)

Starting with vigorous hand-work, the skin and subdermal tissues are prepared for the regenerative properties to follow. Using a hand wand, full-body Microcurrent with integrated LED Light Therapy (Myolight) is applied front and back... (more)

Recommended Add-On: Myocontour Belt - pulsating Microcurrent on the stomach to slim, mold and reshape the waistline, and to encourage weight loss.



The Turkish Scrub Detox Essential

(90 min. – $300)

This treatment begins with a dry, silicone mitten exfoliation to improve blood circulation, followed by an invigorating, Turkish, full-body salt scrub, using slimming oils designed to treat and repair the skin's natural beauty. A body wrap is then applied for a thorough session in our Infrared Sauna to produce a deep-sweat detox... (more)

The Amber Scrub Detox Essential

(90 min. – $400)

After a dry, silicone mitten exfoliation is administered, ground Baltic Amber with hot, slimming oil is applied in a full-body scrub to energize and polish the skin. Amber's high Succinite Acid content acts as a curative agent that helps to destroy and inhibit the growth of microorganisms... The scrub is followed with a body wrap and a deep-sweat detox session in our Infrared Sauna... (more)

The Turkish Scrub Detox Ultimate

(150 min. – $550)

This treatment simultaneously relaxes and slims as it promotes the elimination of toxins, heavy metals and excess water. It begins with a dry, silicone mitten exfoliation to improve blood circulation, followed by an invigorating, Turkish, full-body salt scrub... a thorough session in our Infrared Sauna for a deep sweat... (and) alternating between the vibrant G5 therapy device and deliberate hand-work... (more)

The Amber Scrub Detox Ultimate

(150 min. – $650)

This is the optimum detox combination of four of our most efficient and luxurious body treatments: a hot oil, full-body Baltic Amber scrub for intense exfoliation, an Infrared Sauna session for a deep sweat, G5 therapy for cellulite reduction and our world-class, rejuvenating hand-work... (more)


NOTE: see Extras and Add-Ons for additional options


The Body Essential

(60 min. – $250/90 min. – $350)

The Body Essential can be tailored to each client's specific needs as our experienced Body Therapists perform body treatment artistry -- borrowed from international cultures -- and deliver an informed mix of full-body hand-work... (more)

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