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"Like a Magician -

the key to the magic

is in the hand-work."

          -Inara Lopetaite



If giving exquisite face treatments is an art,

Inara is a Virtuoso, with dynamic movements and techniques that must be experienced to be believed.



Artist: a person skilled at a particular task or occupation

Inara proudly provides face and body treatments with a European approach, emphasizing specialized hand-work and well-proven products as primary, with state-of-the-art devices utilized as secondary and supplemental. She also believes that a healthy lifestyle is key to a healthy appearance, for supple, tightened skin and the best approach to anti-aging is not simply aging gracefully, but aging youthfully -- reflecting our youthful best at whatever age we find ourselves fulfilling. Inara founded L'INARA SKIN CARE STUDIOS as a vehicle to present her skin care philosophy and to put her best foot (hand) forword. And she suggests, for a truly magical, hand-work experience:    



"Treat yourself to a face and body session together. In good hands, the combination of a face and body treatment can be an invigorating duet. But in the right hands that same treatment is anywhere from a romantic waltz to an exotic dance of syncopated fingers."


Inara's acclaimed hand-work of dry, Natural Contouring, her invigorating Sculpting Lift, intensive, dry De-Wrinkling, mastery of Buccal/Intraoral and her delicate Soothing Touch, along with her triple-cleanse techniques pampers and produces effective, lasting, anti-aging results. She is dedicated to her craft and her proficiency has garnered her the oft repeated “best hands that have ever touched my face”. She has honed her artistry as a Facialist for several establishments in Los Angeles, West Hollywood and Beverly Hills, with high-profile clients spanning the elite of Hollywood to the upper-echilon of the business world.

Born in Lithuania, Inara spent the first fourteen years of her life in the former Soviet Union. As a little girl she learned the value of perseverance and determination; to be grateful for a scarce loaf of bread; and to endure a pair of too-small shoes. At fourteen she garnered a contract with L’Oreal and for many years thereafter was a successful Model for runway and print, mostly in Eastern Europe. She is a crowned Beauty Competition winner, who has also placed second runner-up on numerous occasions (the most recent being, Mrs. Coastal States in the 2010 Mrs. Globe competition); and according to her, “won my future husband” as Mrs. Lithuania during the 2008 Mrs. World Competition in Kaliningrad, Russia.

Inara is a published Author of a book of original poems, “Love Has No Price” (voted “Most Beautiful Book” in Lithuania, in 2007). She is also a Co-Author of, “The Zero-Minute Workout – with Team X”, published in 2019. When moving to America in 2009 she became a Make-Up Artist for fashion, print and video. Soon after, she broadened her career goals and is fast becoming one of Hollywood’s most talented Facialists known for her almost machine-like hands. As a mother of twenty-something twins, Inara is not just a survivalist but a thriving example of what a sincere drive and fervor, for what you love to do, can achieve.

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