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facility procedures

Clients will be admitted into our reception area one-client-at-a-time* to maximize client safety. Before and after each client, the studios, equipment and functional materials will be cleaned with an FDA-approved disinfectant. This includes the reception area, writing utensils, payment devices, the entrance door, door handles, bathroom fixtures, all treatment room equipment, etc. Cash transactions will be accepted provided that change to the client is not required.

client procedures

We ask that all clients come alone* and be wearing a protective face mask upon arrival at our studios and at all times during their stay except while receiving treatments. Upon entering our studios, you will be greeted by personnel wearing protective masks who will take your temperature using a no-contact, infrared thermometer, at your forehead. You will be asked about your current health,  whether you are experiencing any positive symptoms of Covid-19 and to sign a Covid-19 waiver and an acknowledgment of our policies. If you have a fever, runny nose or sore throat, or are sneezing or coughing you may be asked to reschedule your appointment for a future date. Before your treatment begins you will be asked to wash your hands followed by the application of a hand sanitizer.

personnel procedures

All Facialists, Therapists, Receptionists, and other personnel will be required to have their temperature taken daily at the start and end of each work shift and will wear protective face masks. Additionally, voluntarily or when required or requested, Facialists and Therapists will wear face shields, gloves, and protective smocks. They will wash their hands and use a hand sanitizer between appointments, before the start of each treatment, and when further necessary.

PLEASE NOTE: A credit card is required to hold all appointments. Cancellations not requested by 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment time are subject to a 100% charge of the booked treatment.

*exceptions may be made on a client-by-client basis

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